Relations outside marriage is ghastly crime 

Marriage is a wonderful union of two individuals. This union makes two different individuals happily shed their own dominating characteristics or individualities to suit to each other and make their relationship work. This kind of adjustment tends happiness only, well not in all the cases. Some people are able to find the bliss and solace they are looking out in life through this holy union, whereas some may not be that lucky to find this solace. Their relationship may not be yielding output, which is normally supposed to give. Such relations are then treated as a burden by both the partners and they eventually fall out. This happened with one of my friends. They were a happily married couple for three years. Soon their differences caught up, adjustments and compromises were unbearable, interference by their parents worsened the situation even quickly before they knew anything, they were divorced. We were watching them helplessly as they both were so stubborn to step down from their own stands. Today they are divorced and lead their own lives individually. Nobody actually knew what went wrong between them. One day he came to visit us and over a drink he shared his ill fate with us. It was an extra marital affair, which led to their divorce, but we were not convinced, that a respectful and loyal girl like her would cheat on him and start dating someone outside marriage. We heard his version of story, but every coin has two sides. To know her story we tried out every way. Finally she gave in and narrated her story. She had idea that he was cheating on her. He was dating one of his colleagues. Till the time she was not sure, she kept silence and one day she caught him red handed with her in a coffee bar.

Since that time things worsened between them. He tried to explain things to her, but in vain. He had to surrender and file for a divorce as she did not budge. It is unimaginable how such relations spoil a healthy relation, but it is true. Dating someone outside marriage without knowledge of their partner is a crime. This activity is categorized as a crime in many cultures. One should refrain doing so in real life; this can ruin some beautiful relations and ultimate solace.  


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